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Joint Venture Website is an ideal spot to start investing in websites. Investing in Passive income. Websites are better than property in many ways. A little regular attention and they just keep going up in value. We have provided all sorts of options to look at and lots of interesting information.The membership takes you through all the details of setting up an investment site.Some of the Options Covered in this site.

  • Small investment joint venture. $500-$1000
  • Medium investment joint venture $1000 – $2500
  • Larger projects available for perusal and discussion.
  • Invitation for web developers to list their own joint venture opportunities.
  • Domain parcel investment at very low rates with very memorable and valuable domains.
  • Directory websites provide passive income. Low entry investment.

Specific opportunities
The secret is out. The health niche is the biggest on the internet. There are trillions of dollars spent worldwide on health and the results so far from the Western Medical methods are nothing short of disastrous. Just sickness management with cures almost extinct. So over the next years the numbers seeking help from alternative health websites will be massive. There are of course a huge number of sites with nothing more than reseller product lines from AMAZON and the like. So that leaves a multitude of traffic for the genuine up to date information sites with some specific advertising and mentoring facilities for those on a healing path.
We are currently preparing 200 sites applying to all natural health applications and many with basic directory functioning. All with membership facilities as well. The Sites are basic so the investment is low. Pick one of 200 topics. So no holds barred here are the details…..
1 All sites have relevant topics with potential to make money from membership, advertising, suitable affiliate connections and directory product listing.
2 All sites will have direct links from the balance of the 200 sites as well as many references from within information paragraphs.
3 The information is top level natural health information and will be serviced by a group of professional members when the setup is finalised.
4 Methods of SEO will be introduced gradually.
5 The sites are designed to make money but never from methods or information which does not reflect the truth and benefit for all concerned.
Required of the investor
1 For the first ten sites the sum of $750 is the fee for a half share.
2 The buyer must have some understanding or interest in the topic
3 The buyer will service the site with text from the sellers and the sellers will arrange any required technical work except a full rebuild. This will not be needed until 100 to 200 paying clients are joined.
4 Buyer will atted to social media postings and queries.
5 Registration and hosting fees will be met by both parties.
6 Minor details will be settled in the contract. Basic contract will be issued by the sellers and the buyer can arrange their own representation for checking issues of legality.

WHY Investing in Passive income

Of course you will ask why sell a share in a set up website for less than the cost of establishment. The answer is simple. We have 200 really good domain names and mostly hosted and active. Anyone will tell you it is common to look after and prime one domain at a time. This gives the best results. So in the health niche we found that trying to put all our information on one site did not work as there was so much that visitors were lost. So we had to divide the information up into separate sites and we have still cut it fine as you will see there are around 10,000 ailments in the medical dictionary.

Fact is the information is necessary to the world as no one else promotes our particular mix of nutrition and therapy. The difference between western medicine and natural therapies is in the cure factor. Western medicine manages sickness for the maximum financial return, while natural therapies aim to eliminate the causes and bring about a complete reversal. We have studied this procedure for 20 years. But our format is still just to collate the best information for presentation. The numbers are significant as we only need one out of every 10,000 diabetes sufferers to join our pages and one out of every 100 suitable products listed to make $5,000 a month. All the time we are doing the world a service.

So joint venture is the only practical way to handle this business. And believe me there are hundreds of websites making more than $5,000 a month with information which is second rate and lots of details missing. one guy has made millions from a book sold on the net “the five second cancer cure”. The whole book is written about one of many methods which can work but often do not because more is needed. Check it out. More information is available.