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Now here is a great article from the Flippa newsletter From Tim. For those who do not know Flippa is the real estate agent of websites. We have bought many websites through Flippa, mostly for the experience at this stage but the potential is huge. Flippa do not currently have a facility for the sale of joint venture websites or if they do it is well hidden. They have a sound experience background in selling websites and the training resources as well. You can request the Flippa newsletter online.

So here is what Tim has to say about investment in websites.

I overheard this interesting conversation at the Flippa HQ the other day.

“I’ve already parked my kid’s domain name. It’s all set.”

“Great. You can give it to him when he’s 21. It’ll be worth more than a car!”

OK, maybe not, but you have to forgive us. We can’t help but to obsess over websites, domains and apps here at Flippa. It’s just so much fun.

The future is digital. The future is now. And digital real estate is serious business. It gives companies and individuals the chance to build a platform, get heard, and above all, make money online.

Do you have your own piece of land? Here’s why it’s the best investment you can make for 2014.

1. Become Your Own Landlord

My grandmother always used to say that it’s better to own a house than to rent it.

In fact, there’s a lot of “renting” going on online. Just think about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You provide them with your private details and they give you a “free” space to interact with your friends, followers, and colleagues.

Why not spend more time and energy on your own property?

Bottom line: It’s not a good idea to build your entire business on someone else’s land.

Copyblogger calls this practice digital sharecropping, and it works in a similar fashion to the the feudalsystem, where the landlords reap the rewards, and the peasants do all the work.

We don’t know which empires will stand strong in the future. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn change their terms and conditions on a regular basis, and as tenants, we don’t know what they have in store for us.

Empires rise and fall, and that is true for the online world as well. Remember what happened to Squidoo and MySpace? These places are still active, but they’re not nearly as powerful as they once used to be.

So, why not buy your own digital land and start creating your online assets right now?

We’ve seen it happen again and again here on Flippa. Smart, motivated people invest in websites, domains and apps. They see an opportunity to make better use of the land, which the previous owner had missed, or didn’t have the time to do something about.

Jon Yau, The buyer of , is a great example of someone who not only sees the value in digital real estate, but is also determined to make his new land work for him and his business goals. Heck, he even convinced his wife it was worth the $250,000 investment.

Digital properties are here to stay. Are you missing out?

2. Choose Your Own Lifestyle

Yes, a full-blown website requires maintenance, but it’s not as much physical labor as looking after a block of land and a house. You decide how far you want to take your website, domain or app. How much you want to work on it.

You choose the what, where, and how. You choose your own lifestyle.

You can access your digital asset from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a decent internet connection. And this is what makes it so much easier and valuable to own digital properties.

Forget spending three hours in a car to get to your summer house – your digital assets travel with you. They don’t care if you’re in sunny Australia or snowy Sweden!

3. Make Money with Your Land

Of course, you can make money from your digital property. After all, that’s the dream. Whether you want to spend more time with your family or quit your day job, your digital properties can help you achieve that.

Obviously, it’s a lot of work, but it is doable. The sad truth is if you don’t own any digital property you’re not even in the game.

Owning your own land is the most efficient way to make money online because you reap the rewards. Whether it be through advertising, selling your own services and products or becoming an affiliate for someone else’s product, precious digital real estate can help you earn more money.

Latest news on Investment returns

Posted Jan 12 2014
Latest news on Investment returns. Wow it is all happening now. Investment for those with idle funds is scary. So the internet with possible returns in the 100%+ bracket are up there with the best. Most countries are in financial turmoil and so their stocks and shares markets are approached with caution. The pressure on the american dollar as a reserve currency is gathering momentum so this makes property in the US very cheap still and likely to stay cheap for a long time. But as an investment opportunity is also a little scary. In fact property in most countries is down. Have a look at But the internet is the place to turn. Now it is a fact that much of the high money making sites on the net are cons selling second rate product and incomplete information product. No wonder they sell cheap and funnily enough there refund rates are low. But of course one can gain much experience following the antics of these con millionaires. If they can do it with junk anyone can use some of the sales principles to sell genuine useful product both physical and informational.
Our membership program takes you right through this process and gives you genuine over the shoulder instruction from day one. Watch for it next group starts March 1st 2014. First lesson covers selection of a niche and a domain name. Then hosting.

So an important news item is this list of sold domain names in the last Flippa newsletter. It gives you a clue of what to look for if you are in domain selection mode. Three of the names are single word but the rest are composites. Now it is very hard to get good names and impossible to get single word domains. but never impossible. – $131,000 – $25,000 – $18,000 – $15,000 – $15,840 – $25,000 – $28,820 – $19,777 – $300,000 – $16,995 – $17,000 – $19,000 – $14,000


Article Setting up a website.
There are many ways but obviously to cover all the options will be a massive task so here we will cover one option.
First step is to select your website name. this is known as your domain (example} and then press the ikon for crazydomains. This will take you to Crazydomains who we have used for some years. If your domain is in a health or fitness niche you can check out our for sale page first. It is easy to start an account with Crazy otherwise and then select your domain. if it is not taken you pay a yearly fee and it is yours.
Then you need a host. The host is the 24hour7day a week computer that your website lives on. It is a special computer which has very many establishment functions as well as just being there with no down time. So once again we will not go too deeply into that but you can establish your website on our account for a small fee. $10 per month is charged for the hosting. this is billed through Paypal at this stage. Now if you wish us to set up that website for you we can do that as well. The following details apply.
The website is hosted at Hostnine in whatever part of the world you wish such as America, Asia, Europe or Australia.

The website can be started using WordPress which is the most popular for a blog. This is an internet discussion. The basic fee for setting up the blog so you can change the pages anytime you like is $500 which includes instructing you how to operate it. Other websites have specific themes for extra $200 each such as membership facilities with opportunity for members to post profiles. Or maybe a directory site would suit your purposes.
Later on this page you will see a complete description of setting up a WordPress blog yourself. feel free to use that method. It is free.

Well it is all happening and the members are joining quickly. One of our websites has just passed the 1000 member mark which represents about 3 members a day since it was built. Considering it only gets attention every couple of months this is a good result. Of course the purpose of my private sites is the free distribution of natural health information. We have no advertisers yet but that site will now be offered to a single advertiser who will pay $2000 for the first year for the advertising of 20 products. The membership will double without help or conservatively move to 5000 if we regularly attend to it with maybe one hour a week on the average. So lets do the math it comes to $40 per hour but the fee for the next year will be $5000 for a similar advertising package. And we will add a couple more advertisers. As the website ages we can get it to produce $25,000 a year in five years and do that every year with a few hours maintenance. That is all without chaining ourselves to Google Adsence. We are not against google at all but there are hundreds of thousands of websites connected selling the same stuff. Breaking in is quite hard now where we just need one good supplier prepared to do shipping for us to get solid income from a niche market.
This is where joint venture websites come in. We have a hundred sites running in the natural health niche which are ready to set up now. The advantage of joint venture is that the buyer does the week to week footwork and promotion while we supply and install the articles, pictures and other inclusions. We also provide up to 500 backlinks with quality content. This is the very hard part!! but we have been setting up sites for two years already.
Cost of investment can be as low as $500 in your share of a joint venture website. Interested?? contact us!!
Cheers from Admin