Internet Investment

Welcome to this unique website and internet investment

Welcome to this unique website and internet investment at its most honest and genuine. How many websites or establishments cater for the small investor. Investment is the trigger mechanism for all commercial activity. How many mums and dads, pensioners and those on small fixed income would welcome the opportunity to invest. The website is set up for small investors and we have taken into account almost all of the important aspects of investment which apply to small investors .So I  will quickly  run through the important points so you can decide whether to read on or not.

The small investor dreams of a chance to put small amounts of money into a business opportunity which has the bigger returns normally associated with big business speculation. A reasonable chance of success with some safety. And of course Passive income is a dream for the small investor, rarely a practicality. So here is where it happens.

Firstly we are looking for small investors with $500 to $1500 to invest.

The lessor investment gives a JV ownership of a health niche website, which is just set up with a memorable domain name, a membership or directory website, links to over 100 serious health niche websites and serious natural health content. Some could have a small number of paying advertisements already. The site will be allocated the services of a highly competent website builder to provide maintenance and fine tuning services to the site. These sites are expected to take about six months to recoup investment and 12 months to produce a constant return on the investment.

The next investment includes a similar website which is already returning $1500 per year and so is enough to begin repaying the investment immediately. With the appropriate attention from the owners websites rarely turnover less with time.

The websites are directory or membership websites normally costing $1500 to $2500 anyway. Check around for costings. The secret of course then is to put enough effort into the websites to keep them accumulating business. Most of the business is repetitive anyway. So read on for the benefits and the listing of what comes with each site.

Part of our plan is to open the site to other traders in websites who wish to sell or attract joint ventures or partners. It is not something which is easy to find on the internet. For the internet investor we will list some of the best contractors in website development and SEO. For the small investor we can supply domain registration management and hosting.