Big Returns

we are offering is joint venture opportunities with Good Returns

joint venture websitesSo lets look at the website business where recently a website established for slightly less than two years bought a sale price of 40 million. There are a number of websites in the millions and even billions. Closer to reality for the small investor, there are a percentage of websites sold which reach the hundreds of thousands plus. This is relatively common and reflects a monthly income over 10,000 and potential for growth. Considering the market is world wide and covers millions of topics it can now be expected that a proportion of internet business will emulate or better the figures of their bricks and mortar business cousins.

So what we are offering is joint venture opportunities. People with successful websites at all levels will tell you the need to watch and tweek your website daily or as close as possible to that. A few minutes is normally enough. Improve the wording, make it clearer, add extra information. Put in a few more ads and so on and this is the. reason why owning six 50% joint ventures is better than owning three outright. In fact the ideal is probably more owners per site if they could always agree on content.

Other Profitable Investments:

Lets have a good look at the other profitable investments
Property, shares, collectibles and currency trading. I personally never got any of them right except a few Pro Hart paintings, which in Australia have a distinct and growing value. I got back ten times my investment but over twenty years. Many collectibles do have rising values as we know from occasional news stories. Normally the wait is extensive and the accumulation of value is around 30% per annum or a little more.
Property of course is scary now and we have seen the last of the big profits across the range. There is always the exceptional case but rare. It is still good to have property without the mortgage as many have found over the years. In the US during the GFC there were something like 30 million foreclosures and of course there are still some bargains there but will they accumulate value? I was getting lots of positive emails from the ones in the know over the last year but again they have become hesitant because of current international vagaries.
Currency is a good one but requires full time attention and really large investment capital. It is still a percentage thing and very rarely does a trader move ahead without any reversals from any currency.

Ok Welcome again and an idea was put to me last week so here it is. A for sale listing site for domains. Now I did argue that there are agents galore and for them it is one more place to list the stock and of course here the theme is investment. We are not interestes in seeing anybody losing money. We are here to see people profit from any reasonable endeavour.

So the next point was that there are so many places where you can buy domains and websites. With all th tricks and splendor but sometimes it is very hard to find what you are looking for.
So this one will use a simple page and list domains and websites by category and then give a price. Ther is nothing to stop anyone from trying to negotiate with the seller.

It works on a simple membership system join as a selling member for 19.95 a month and you can list two domains for as long as you are a member or for $49.95 you can list eight domains or websites. All listings are in plain text and under reasonable category groups with the price attached. Initially we will pass on your enquiry to the seller and later it will become automatic.
So here we go.