History of joint venture investments

This website culminates four years of internet marketing study and experience. The first half of that we were taken for a ride and spent a lot of money for no return except the experience. I will explain on the story page for those who wish to follow the path that there are many glitzy offers of which at least 80% are there to suck up your money. Most of them provide some information but never is it complete so to learn the next step requires more money. Our niche was always natural health. And it follows an exciting and adventurous life. I personally did get to a stage however where I had to arrest the decline in health and therein lies a long story.

We had two websites years ago with tons of information which nobody seemed to delve very deeply into because of the sheer quantity of information on the sites. So more recently we decided to create simple sites relating to specific diseases and methods. We were not worried about money at the time so for the last year have not pushed the websites rather developed them into honest sites with relevant information. Now of course we have bigger plans for the future and it is time to branch out. We have around 400 domain names which have been carefully selected and will achieve significant results in their particular niches.

The last session of training was on the Gold Coast in Australia a few months back. The seminar was based on developing successful websites of two or three types but we were particularly impressed with the latest information about membership sites and directory sites.


Now you have probably already noticed that there is no high pressure selling and the accompanying liberal misrepresentations here. Well fact is to us it does not matter whether we get huge numbers or just a few small investors. Now at that seminar the instruction was great and mostly up to date with a lot less information withheld. Noticeably the seminar culminated with the sales pitch. Nothing against them or their presentation as there always has to be a catch. I do know however that the successful investors from previous seminars represented only about 20% of the attendees. This of course be explained in the methodology pages and various articles. But many of the investors and participants liked the idea of sitting on the beach and making passive income which is the upsold theme song at all these seminars.


Yes there is such a thing as passive income but the experts will tell you there is a lot of work up front to make the passive income happen. And even then many niche sites settle at an income rate less than the desired. For most of these investors the lack of deep understanding in the market and the internet then means they are paying top dollar for information products forever in an effort to get the turnover up. So what is the difference between our package and theirs? And is it something which will appeal to you?


Number one is the health niche, which is accepted world wide as the evergreen. With declining health occurring in every country at increasing rates up to 100% every twenty years you are guaranteed to have an audience and from that audience to attract a flow of traffic and custom to a product which is genuine. Now that is number two. We have studied natural health for twenty years and well and truly dismissed all the products and methods which do not have a sufficiently positive effect to make a business on. Number three our sites are membership or directory sites so you are not relying on the vagaries of affiliate sales, amaZon sales and google adsense. All of these can produce income but you need a massive traffic component to generate enough to cover your investment let alone allow you to lay on the beach. We have had a few sites which were purchased that were set up to make income from such promotions and none of them ever produced so we got rid of the Adsense and a large percentage of the Amazon products. Also if you go onto Flippa where sites are sold you will find thousands of these sites set up with lame articles and dripping with advertisements. You need to compete against all these. If the web developer could make them produce income they would never sell them.

The benefits of joint venture investments

So how do we get the traffic and why go joint venture instead of buying the site outright. We tend to work on logic as it works for some funny reason when all the wildest schemes have gone. If we have say 500 sites all set up in the health niche and each one is basically a directory of all the others, we are off to a great start. They are all provided with links to every other site and some have an advertising link to another site. Nobody suffers from one disease any more, it is always two or more. In fact they are all related but the medical profession has kindly separated them into around 10,000 ailments. They did it to make money and we can benefit from the plan as well. The JV aspect is also obvious. There has to be a quality control factor because the weakest link is where the chain breaks. Each site has to give good basic information and a few articles from the trusted professionals. So JV never wanders away from the straight and narrow. Now you are asking why we do not do it all ourselves. Good question! fact is we go back to the work I told you about. Most of our sites are set up slowly and carefully with a good cross-section of product but there is always that need for constant attention. It is never really passive income but after set up it tapers down to about 30mins per day and if you do not get back to it for a week it will not normally matter.
The initial effort is about 60 mins per day. You go into the site. do some editing in your notes etc, answer questions, attend to facebook links and all the others. These are what sells your site and its services, not google. So by using JV connections we are basically farming out the non technical maintenance to somebody who just wishes to make money from the site.

With our program you have to succeed for us to succeed. And of course your investment is about 5% to 10% of the investment you will give to undertake seminar or on line trainung. This is the place for the smaller investor. But for an investment $500 to $1000 the returns can be great with a reasonable effort. It is not uncommon for this type of site to return $1000 to $5000 per month. As a return on that size investment even in JV it can amount to 1000% per annum. But the bit of effort is important and if you do not do that the process is slow.

So if you are interested go to the detail page and see how we set it up and everything that goes into it. You may even know something about a particular health niche which will make it even more interesting and challenging.