As you know investment in anything is a gamble and the reason you invest is to get a better return than you would by putting money in the bank. In the last decade all of the options have let us down at some stage. Internet investment on the other hand is new and exciting. There are many advantages.

No other investment welcomes the small investor. Here there are actually opportunities for small investors with $500 to $2,500 and no need for any more to get started.

No other investment gives you the opportunity to play a part in the success. It is not a job or a chore but a few minutes applied each day or second day will help your investment go to the top quickly. no matter what investment path you follow, tuning in regularly is advisable.

No other investment can give you returns of many times the investment amount and often even in the first year. Now this cannot be guaranteed but given the selection of high profile niche websites and the application of a little effort on a website which is well designed and contains genuine original and quality information has every chance of achieving just such results in the first year.

Your investment site has a number of ways of making money and this is why you will join as a free member first. To learn the process, see what is required and view the success stories. We call it the Curiosity Membership and there is no annoying pressure to get involved.

The Curiosity Membership

This membership is where you follow the growth of specific websites while having the reasoning behind their business and success explained. Learn how the website business works, find the resources out there and see clearly which are great value for money and what is just for the suckers.

We are not here to push this. Sorry no hard sell, extravagant claims etc etc. No fancy bonuses which look great and are valued highly but in truth are available as free information on free sites. So none of that but the offer of low investment entry, excellent chance of high returns and totally transparent reasoning and progress.

Membership gives you monthly newsletters about the industry and its progress, Then our progress with niches similar to that which you are interested in. Access to a large library of informative articles on the subject and a few videos as well. By the time you invest you will totally understand the steps you are taking and the value of your investment. This is the over the shoulder teaching which has never been available on the web until now.

Go to register page where you will enter your details then return here by pressing JOIN NOW and select your membership.
Curiosity membership is $19.95 per month. It also gives you communication with other investors and potential investors. Payment are all totally secure through Paypal. So we never need to have your credit card details.

Fast Track Membership

Fast Track membership goes through the process more quickly and with access to staff of the healthybody group is $49.95 per month and can have you ready for making decisions within two months or less. Specific offers in the low investment range will be offered from time to time. There is no requirement to go with us. We are pioneers at this sort of investment and so right now it is hard to find a similar package anywhere on the net. Others will follow and it will become a competitive industry in a few years because it is logically the best way to invest for both the newcomer and the experienced investor. Good ideas have that effect on the internet. Any bets as to how many there will be at end of 2015?
Cost of fast track membership is $49.95 per month

Trade Membership

The Trade membership covers two types of trade people. Number one is the domain or website owner who wishes to list one or two for sale. The only charge is the membership so it is a very cheap way of listing your product for sale. The next Tade person involved is a website builder who wishes to enter into joint venture arrangements as a way of making passive income for a long term. As you know many web or domain owners have the sites and the plans but not the cash to develop a really good site. This website brings that owner together with the contractor who can present the site and maintain it. Typically a fee percentage from 20% to 50% will be involved so if the site and plan is a good one and the contractor does a good job the contractor could earn $1000 a month for years for setting up the site and of course the owner would have an income faster. We have available legal contracts for the purpose. The membership fee for this level is 19.95 per month

Multiple Trade Membership

The Multiple trade membership is for owners with up to eight sites or domains and the website builder who is after the bigger sites. Fee is 49.95 per month.

Membership Owner

Membership Owner is for those who wish to have their own website at the basic level for $5 per month. We provide the domain and arrange the hosting. We build your website with photos and text you provide. it is a basic website with 4 pages but will look attractive and detail your services. You can advertise the site on your cards and fliers. It is all yours except one small link at the bottom of each page to the creator group.
The basic charge is $5 per month paid as two six monthly payments of $30 USD through Paypal. When your basic site is set up you will receive a list of inexpensive additions you can add as a one off charge or by moving to a higher membership. You can then sell, advertise and even have memberships of your own. So your site can expand with your business all for an inexpensive twice yearly fee. This site is equivalent to any site averaging $500 on the open market and you do not have to work on it yourself.

For all memberships go to the register button below the header on each page. It will take you to the membership page where you will log in your details. Click Create Account and yo will receive a message back. All Payments are done through Paypal which is totally secure and we never need to know your credit card details.

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