New Services

New Services for the small internet investor and bigger investor alike.

We are pleased to announce a range of new services which will thrill the small internet investor and bigger investor alike.

1 The listing of professional web developers, SEO masters, Graphic Artists and copywriters. We have not worked with all of these contractors but if you are new to websites check them out for a quote and compare. Some of these contractors will work through us if you need a little more security for your contract. These are the contractors from the poorer parts of the world such as India, Bangladesh and Philippines. They do the same job at a cheaper rate and almost all web investors use their services to some extent.

2 Lessons on setting up websites. They will all be free to some member levels. Other aspects of internet marketing will follow. Some free to everyone and some incur small fees. The lessons will include seeking out the best domain, hosting the domain, building a blog site or even much more complicated and valuable sites. Or how to contract out the building of your site. SEO what it means and where to get it or how to do it. Back linking and mobile ready websites. This is not old information but up to date methods.

3 Internet marketing or digital marketing of any product or service. This is a genuine budget service. The days of selling enough through bricks and mortar outlets is coming to a close. Every business needs to attract additional custom through the internet and the websites need to be just as professional to produce similar or better profit percentages.

4 We have a special service for the natural health industry. We have articles and writers ready with the appropriate information and a fabulous range of domains which will all become very productive in the near future.