The internet is the very best place to invest for small investors

Wow so after reading the letter from Tim at Flippa here is another wonderful opportunity. Or maybe two! The internet is the very best place to invest for small investors and here is a great place to start. As you already know we have selected the health niche for our mainstream websites using membership packages and occasional advertisements to generate income. Health niche is very reliable as the numbers of sick are growing every year and with it there is equivalent growth in the enquiries on all the search engines. So here is a page of domains we have registered to work with and of course we are registering new domains frequently. You can pick a domain and have it developed in joint venture with healthybodychurch. So hopefully you will have an interest in natural health anyway. At least it does make it easier if you do. Now if you do not and you have at least the signs of one ailment. A symptom, a diagnosis or actually have a problem. Or maybe a friend or member of your family has this. From slight weight problems to full blown disease statistically 60% of people in the western world have one or more ailments. So why do we mention this? Well if you have an interest in a website with that theme it will give you a direct interest and comparisons from the information we provide in our content to the reality. You can comment, discuss and even mentor people with that same problem. Our content is honest, helpful and normally leads to a cure if followed.

Start to make money from the site it makes for an interesting business with good returns

Then as you start to make money from the site it makes for an interesting business and not a boring one which you hate. From decision on website to earning enough to return your investment in 12 months should take no longer than 9 to 12 months then you should return double your investment in the same period following and so on as long as you display an interest.

So here is a list of our stock domains currently held which are applicable to this type of investment.


  • aalcoholicsbook.com
  • acquiredids.com
  • ahealerspath.com
  • ahealerspath.net
  • aidssufferers.com
  • airqualitybook.com
  • alcoholicsbook.com
  • allergiesbook.com
  • aloneanddesperate.com
  • appendicitiscare.com
  • arawfoodist.com
  • arthritis.asia
  • asthmacare.asia
  • athletesfootcare.com
  • atopiceczemacare.com
  • audacioushealing.com
  • autismreversal.com
  • autoimmuneunderstanding.com
  • avitaminbook.com
  • basicdetoxrecipes.com
  • beatosteoporosis.net
  • begforgiveness.net
  • beneficialsubstances.com
  • beneficialsupplements.net
  • besteyebook.com
  • bestmineralbook.com
  • bestvitaminbook.com
  • birthtriumph.com
  • blockednoseremedies.com
  • bloodpressure.asia
  • bodyecologybook.com
  • breastrepairmassage.com
  • breastrepair.net
  • bronchitiscare.net
  • budgethealthretreats.com
  • bursitiscare.com
  • teentoadult.com
  • teenstrimmingdown.com
  • teethwhiteningbook.com
  • tendonitiscare.com
  • theforeverrelationship.com
  • thepathtoperfection.com
  • theperfectnewyearsresolution.com
  • theperfectnewyearsresolution.net
  • thisyearsdetox.com
  • thrushcontrol.com
  • faceexcite.com
  • facethrill.com
  • familyisnumberone.net
  • fermentedfoodbook.com
  • fitnesslevels.net
  • foodfordiets.net
  • freenaturalhealing.net
  • fruitsmoothy.net
  • fruitsmoothierecipebook.com
  • frustrateddentists.com
  • frustrateddoctors.com
  • fu ideomotoraction.com
  • inperimenopause.com
  • isfastinghealthy.com
  • juicerbook.net
  • juicerrecipebook.com
  • jvinvestwebsites.com
  • overweightbook.com
  • painreliefplan.net
  • cannabisbook.net
  • cancerisachoice.com
  • candidature.net
  • cheaphealthretreats.com
  • chronicfatiguecare.net
  • compostenhancement.com
  • consciousnessbook.com
  • controlwrinkles.com
  • convalescencecare.com
  • crackalackin4wd.com
  • cutbackpain.com
  • depressionunderstanding.com
  • detoxclues.com
  • disorderslist.com
  • doctorgreengrocers.com
  • doctorgreengrocer.net
  • doctorhealthfood.com
  • dualityhealing.com
  • dualitytherapy.com
  • easydiabetescure.com
  • eliminateendometriosis.com
  • endometriosisrepair.com
  • energyandmusclehealth.com
  • energytreatments.asia
  • enzymeimportance.com
  • truthaboutantidepressants.com
  • truthaboutfastfood.com
  • truthaboutprescriptiondrugs.com
  • truthaboutfluoride.net
  • trimtautandterrificat70.com
  • trimtautandterrific.net
  • tryalkaline.com
  • tryfasting.com
  • ulcercontrol.com
  • waterpuritybook.com
  • weightbook.co
  • weightbookforadults.com
  • weightbookforchildren.com
  • weightgainbook.com
  • welcometohealing.com
  • willihaveagirloraboy.com
  • willihaveagirlorboy.com
  • willihaveaboyoragirl.com
  • womenspersonalcarebook.com
  • yearlydetox.com
  • youcanbeahealer.com
  • kidshealthguides.com
  • lastingrelationships.net
  • lovesecretbook.com
  • meningitiscare.com
  • meridiantreatments.com
  • middleagedfemalehealth.com
  • migrainebook.net
  • mineralsbook.com
  • motorneuronediseaseresearch.com
  • mouthulcersbook.com
  • multiplesclerosisreversal.com
  • mycomfortzone.net
  • naturalhealthfreeinformation.com
  • neckpainbook.net
  • neckpainsolutions.net
  • nomoregallstones.net
  • nurtureversusnature.com
  • parasiteprevention.com
  • polycysticovariansyndromecare.com
  • nctionalfamilies.net
  • gallstones.asia
  • genitaldisease.net
  • getslimbook.com
  • gloryofbirth.com
  • goodfoodbook.net
  • goutreliefbook.com
  • healingenemas.com
  • healingguru.asia
  • healthcheckform.com
  • healthstorebook.com
  • healthfoodsupplies.net
  • healthsupplementbook.com
  • healthsupplementbook.net
  • healthsupplements.asia
  • healthybodycharity.com
  • healthybodycharity.net
  • healthybodyclub.net
  • healthybodymember.com
  • healthybodytreatment.com
  • healthylifestylebook.com
  • healthyteethorgums.com
  • homeremediesbook.com
  • howcouldwebesoblind.com
  • howcouldwebesostupid.com
  • howtogetbeautiful.com
  • howtogetugly.com
  • hypothyroidism.asia
  • pornwarning.com
  • practicalgenius.net
  • probioticbook.com
  • probioticbook.net
  • prostatediseasebook.com
  • quitdrugdependancy.com
  • radiationproblems.com
  • rawandorganic.net
  • rawfoodistclub.com
  • rawstart.com
  • readyforhealing.com
  • reallygenetics.com
  • reallygenetic.com
  • recognizestroke.com
  • regainthyroidhealth.com
  • reikimassage.asia
  • relationshipforever.com
  • releiveheadaches.com
  • rossriverfever.net
  • savethefamilyformula.com
  • savetheworld2.com
  • 7dayhealthyeatingplans.com
  • seekperfection.net
  • selectweightloss.com
  • sicknessisachoice.com
  • singleparentbook.net
  • sixpackbook.net
  • skinrepairbook.com
  • smoothskinbook.com
  • startdetoxing.net
  • stopsmokingcalmly.com
  • superheroyou.net
  • syphilis.net
  • talentedbook.com
  • obesitybook.net
  • obesityepidemic.net
  • oncologystory.com

Some things to remember Generally the shorter the name the more valuable. All these are already tested against the market siZe for the specific niche and are well ahead of average however  it is worth your while to asses the market by Googleing the topic and the name specifically. Some names can be intrinsically valuable. For example bloodpressure.com is worth about $40,000 bloodpressure.net is worth about $10,000 and so our bloodpressure.asia should be worth $1000Dot com is always the best by around 400% from dot net then all the other dots are basically as good as the website you hang off it except prime targets. Girl.com is worth around $.5m girl.net probably about $100,000 and all the other dots in this case probably about $10,000 each But go to Flippa and watch the auctions. They have been relatively quiet lately but watch the sparks fly in a few months.

The alternative is to try our own For Sale section listed on this page and also the For Sale Page when it is posted.

Ok Welcome again and an idea was put to me last week so here it is. A for sale listing site for domains. Now I did argue that there are agents galore and for them it is one more place to list the stock and of course here the theme is investment. We are not interestes in seeing anybody losing money. We are here to see people profit from any reasonable endeavour.
So the next point was that there are so many places where you can buy domains and websites. With all th tricks and splendor but sometimes it is very hard to find what you are looking for.
So this one will use a simple page and list domains and websites by category and then give a price. Ther is nothing to stop anyone from trying to negotiate with the seller.
It works on a simple membership system join as a selling member for 19.95 a month and you can list two domains for as long as you are a member or for $49.95 you can list eight domains or websites. All listings are in plain text and under reasonable category groups with the price attached. Initially we will pass on your enquiry to the seller and later it will become automatic.
So here we go.


JOINTVENTURE.CAPITAL domain + directory software. $20,000 suit financial institution
JOINTVENTUREWEBSITES.COM website ……….. JV $2,500 Buy $10,000
JVINVESTWEBSITES.COM domain ……………………………………..$1.000

SALES category

GIFTBOOKFORTEENS.COM domain + communication S/ware $1,500 /JV
BOYSONLYBOOKFORTEENS.COM domain + communiction s/ware with network of dedicated associated backlinks … joint venture only $1,500/JV
GIRLSONLYBOOKFORTEENS same package girls product range.
ENTERTAINMENTBOOKFORTEENS.COM same package industry promotion
REALFOOD.DISCOUNT domain and sales site JV only ……………. $2,000
BOYORGIRL.CLOTHING investment domain $3,000
FLOORSANDING.SERVICES trade supplies domain ………………..$2,000
INTERIORDECORATOR.SERVICES trade directory domain … $5,000
BUILDINGMATERIALS.DISCOUNT domain and sales site ……….. $ 2,000
TOPTEEN.DISCOUNT domain and sales website JV $2,500 Buy $10,000
GREENGROCERS.DISCOUNT domain and sales website JV only $3,500


SUPERHEROYOU.NET domain + s/media s/ware JV $1,500 Buy $3,900
PRACTICALGENIUS.NET dom + social media s/w JV $1,500 Buy $4,200
THEPERFECT.BEER memorable industry domain $15,000
AUSSIEFRIENDLY.COM dating or socialmedia site memorable $10,000
SOLUTIONORIENTED.NET math/science memorable domain $2,000
PRETTYLADYSMILES.NET ideal present for lonely man . JV only $5,000
FACETHRILL.COM domain $3,500

SPORTING category

ROWING.FITNESS niche domain with social media website $3,500

Something a little bigger here. The combination of a large holding of websites, some of which are holding very good positions and a bricks and mortar business in the same niche’.
Feasibility study for joint venture operation of natural health business in the Philippines and Thailand.

I have studied natural health for twenty years and tested most of the theories. I have practised healing freely on many people with outstanding success and I have written a book called “the healers story” which can be found at thehealersstory.com. I have studied the methods of many others and understand the holistic value of connecting nutritional practices with a selection of natural health methods to bring about healing quickly and efficiently.

The project planned is a health resort to be established in Philippines in response to a serious need for budget health retreats for Australian and American people to get healthy, overcome serious disease such as cancer, diabetes and obesity. There are a number of high quality health resorts in Australia but no budget ones. The practicality of getting healthy is almost non existent. Few foods are available which are not processed in some way. Helpful friends are still brainwashed and constantly although unknowingly sabotage the best intentions at detoxing for most people. People need to get away from their own destructive environment where they got sick in the first place. Australian and american health retreats are geared for detoxing but the time frame of four weeks becomes expensive at $4,000USD to $8,000USD per week. Our Philippine program can provide 4 weeks for the price of one week including fares. The required flow of patients is less than one in 100,000 of the sick population of Australia, America and Europe and only one out of each million for us to survive comfortably.


Following 20 years of study and five years of business background assembly. John Rubie has assembled a domain holding over 500 domains and 250 of those hosted, while around 150 have either well developed content or basic content.
Many of our websites hold a number one position on the Google front page for the specific name entry. Obviously once this is done it is not hard to bring those sites to page one as reflecting other popular Google questions asked within the niche. So this reflects on the valuable content of the sites, presentation and simplicity of loading as well as quality and quantity of backlinks. Obviously we have just reached a point in development where we can begin to take on advertising but because of the sensitive nature of our subjects we can only accept ads from companies whose product is clearly beneficial to visitors of that site. So the marketing will be slower than for conventional “advertise anything” sites.
The fact is that considering the number of sites and the degree of readiness for niche marketing there is an obvious value of the resources as a promotional platform for the health retreats.
The final factor is the volume of intellectual property collected over the last 20 years which makes up the vital organisational information for the health retreat business.


The logical path consolidates the websites as a marketing tool and as an income earner. Websites throughout other important niches can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and we have 150 of them which will be complete and functional by mid 2016. Maybe more!
So the methods of earning include affiliate sales for summits and other natural health services, advertising products on a monthly fee basis or pay per click, direct sales of books and suitable merchandise and then directory listings. We have about twenty sites suited to directory listings in a range of niches. While it is hard to put a figure on this activity it always serves a two fold purpose as we need the sites to attract custom to the health retreats.
We therefore maintain and upgrade the website development team presently established in the Philippines, concentrating on the SEO introduction of additional Google questions to each website and probably adding a quick contact box to each site. Regular emailing will be sent to all members and contacts each month updating progress.

Then comes the locating of a suitable site for the running of the first health retreat.

For this purpose the property required will be in country Philippines, remote from cities and towns by at least 5 kilometers. General farming land in most areas of Philippines is suitable for this purpose. If the land has existing buildings of any sort they will be used during the period of establishment. It is preferred that the land be separated from and higher than any land being used for rice growing.
Most of the land in the Philippines is agricultural quality and suited to the growing of bananas, avocados papaya, pineapple, Pimello and a wide range of vegetables. We will not attempt to become self sufficient and the vegetable and fruit gardens are necessary for training, research and taste purposes.


As the patients attending this type of health resort will be mobile generally, there are no specialised staff for personal care. The staff will comprise.
Initially just trainees for six months then a suitable certificated medical worker who will also be trained.
I manager with associated skills.
1 Cook for food preparation.
1 cleaner
1 builder
1 gardener
1 certificated health worker
The staff will all be required to have a reasonable level of english and suit some training for multitasking where shifts are required. Accommodation will be provided on site for 6 of the staff.
All staff will be of Philippino nationality
During this period cases from the poorer levels of local society will be treated and an attempt will be made to concentrate on some of the easier ailment groups. Filming will be carried out of the training, admittance and treatment components. and it will be attempted to attach one video to each of the popular websites. After six months of running this way the staff will be increased as the occupancy rises and we will go into full operation.
Each operational health retreat accommodating 24 plus a few partners or children will require a staff including
one manager
3 cooks
4 cleaners
2 builders
2 gardeners
1 driver
2 IT personnel
6 persons trained for treatments and recreational assistance
2 certificated staff
The average is one staff per person accommodated.

This section is to establish that costs should remain at a reasonable percentage of turnover for comfortable viability within and after the first year.

Graduate pay rates will be negotiated after consultation with relevant universities as the hiring of one or two certificated staff will also allow for the use of the facilities for the care and strengthening of post operation patients from the conventional medical sources.

While the feasibility will need a little extra work based on the findings over the first six months, the figures prepared are based on weekly wage and living costs in Philippines in 2015. So there are a few paths which can be followed. We can lease a suitable property for a long period while setting up suitable arrangements for purchase of the second one and then further properties as required. Or we can buy through a company. Lawyers have explained the conditions of purchase. If suitable property is available for long term lease this seems the preferred option to get started.

It is believed that the cost of providing accommodation for a maximum of 24 guests each month and probably some of them will have partners or children accompanying, will be 250 Pesos per night whether we construct or purchase ready built accommodation. So the math comes out at 30 X 250 X 30 /month = 225,000 Pesos or about $9000 Australian .

Put another way the investment of $200,000 will provide sufficient accommodation for the staff and patients and can be justified over a period of two or more years at $9,000 AU/month.

Food is based on 30PHP per meal 30 X 30 X 4 X 30 P = 108.000 Php or about $4,000 Australian dollars per month.

Add to that the cost of services such as electricity and internet, then service staff not included in the previous two cost analyses . The figure comes out at around $20,000 AU per month when running at full capacity for each health retreat.
The income on the other hand is as follows. At 60% occupancy $50,000 per month after payment for transport costs. Treatment and accommodation programs will be invoiced in USD. Fully booked the income should be nearly $100,000

This total and margins are reduced by research costs and contribution to scholarships at the Thai and Philippine schools of Traditional Therapies plus for each 4 investment retreats we will need to provide one charity retreat for the local people and family members of the staff. So return at 60% occupancy or more is a comfortable 50% when selling at a budget rate of $4,000USD for a one month package. This is about equivalent to 1 week at a comfortable Australian health resort.

It is planned to have a few activities available for participants such as walking tracks, swimming pool and badminton court to start with then add more later. Movies will be shown at night including instructional movies to teach people how to stay healthy once they get that way.

The marketing arrangements in place at the moment include nearly 200 hosted websites at various stages of presentation. In January 2016 we will start the SEO work which will bring them all closer to front page status in the search engines for a number of niche specific Google questions. There is really no limit to the number of establishments if the internet quality is maintained.

Ownership appears to be feasible through a Thai or Philippine company purchased and controlled by 49% foreign shareholding. The 51% local shareholding covers current conditions of ownership of the property in Thailand or the Philippines and those shares will generally be held by a number of key personnel in each establishment so no individual will be able to affect the business. Contracts will cover their continuing contribution to the operation of the establishment or in some cases will represent acknowledgement of their contribution to setting up. More research needs to be done if an investor is to come aboard as to the most appropriate legal establishment of companies and the best Asian countries to establish in. So some $10,000 needs to be provided by the investors for this to be done in the first months of any joint venture.


A suitable arrangement for possible investors includes the purchase of all health related domains and the intellectual property attached. The investor will purchase the resources for the sum of $500,000 including ongoing development of the resources for ten years at a set rate equivalent to past development. This quantity will be set in the agreement through mutual and legal processes. The investor will then invest a further $500,000 then having a half share or a further 1 million and having a two third share.
All these monies will be left in the development fund giving enough to establish three or five establishments accordingly with one years full costs of running minimum. The investor will make a deposit of $25,000 which will cover legal costs to establish the full operational arrangements in writing.

The retreats will take one year to finally establish all the websites, marketing and get a client flow through which will return profits giving 50% return on investment per year with a condition established connecting the return to occupancy rates. Each new retreat will be regarded as a separate investment after the original group which is designed to use up the original investment. The will allow for comfortable living in Australia or elsewhere for the investing family.
So returns will start one year from the initial investment giving plenty of time for the set up.

All enquiries to john@johnthesailor.com