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Great Opportunity for the Affordable Investment

The big plain fact is that the web has the capacity to grow the biggest profits per dollar of any industry that you can work in or any investment that you can put money into. It still has some vagaries and fluctuations. With most business you sell a product or provide a service and you get money. Then you do that twice and you get more and so on until you are making a comfortable living or there is always a small chance you will hit the big time.. The deciding factor in that business is the traffic flow divided by the effort. It becomes viable or not. With the internet that first part is the hurdle, if you can get over that the multiplication process takes over and you reap the benefits. Most do not make it. There is a huge failure rate on the internet but there are formulas which do work with the right amount of effort, And when they work they work well. You can buy websites on If you follow the sales you will see there are millions to be made but many domains sell very cheaply in the $1 to $100 bracket. Then there are a small percentage with the middle range tags from $100 to $100,000 then a substantial top group with higher prices.

We do not refer to the private or commercial business websites here which are attached to a specific business and may just provide a convenience for clients or actually reap great benefits for the business, such as those attached to a number of plastic surgery businesses in North America. Normally here the website cannot be separated from the business premises. Fact is though that in this situation the memorability of the domain name can be very relevant to its function. The more memorable it is the more business it will attract and the more use it will get. Most names are impossible to get. And some of the domain names are not in use but the owners are asking big money for them. I was offered recently for half a million. The release of 500 new TLD’s or Top level Domains will change that for a few days but already all the premium words are taken in preregistration by the big investors. There are many investors with thousands of domain names and some are making a killing others will lose.

Are there any opportunities in all of this for us as smaller investors? Well of course there are and once again we come back to the two types of website which can produce regular income. That is membership and directory websites.

Special Announcement for affordable investment

The classic service is coming. if you want it ask for it Now. This is a package you cannot get from the local webdesigners. It suits the person who wishes to make an investment on the internet and does not have a niche or interest. So you can go through hundreds of stock “good domain names” pick one and we build it up to a functioning money making website. Because of the number of process involved we have contractors who are specialists in each part of the process and will get it right. Here is the list of what you will get.

Coordination service to get top domain name for your niche and a understanding of how you would like it to look.
Analysis of the niche with reports of traffic , trends and expected competition. At this point we would like to explain that most sites are very commercial and most sites now sell every thing including loads of junk. We would like to avoid this type of site and create ones which are uncluttered and full of genuine good information on the chosen topic. Then sell only high quality and appropriate product for the niche.

A suitable ket worded Domain Name and arrange the hosting of that domain name for one year.

Website copy will be written for you and added to regularly. They prepare your video script and copy for all the additional pages such as About us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact and article pages.

The website includes Home page, 5 category pages, video. and if suited a directory theme or a membership facility. This helps to keep the clients that you get.

Social media connections are all set up by a social media expert and we have an SEO contractor set up the Search Engine Optimization for the site.

We then have a training video to go through all the details so you understand the site and its day to day attention. In this video we do not just say what to do but show you which button to press. Then after you have gotten most of the information from the video we still provide direct connection through Skype with a set up and maintenance technician.

This total service normally costs around $7,000 or more but our site is for the smaller investor so the first payment is $750 then we do all the work and the second payment $750 again is paid when you receive your first profit. Then it goes into maintenance mode.

Remember we are set up for the lower level investor so the really flashy and fancy sites are not in our packages. Fact is they rarely produce better return on investment anyway and of course they cost a lot more. We can of course hire additional design teams to make the sites very exciting.

Contact us for more details. Join our free site membership.

NEW OFFER until 31 December 2015

Well it is all happening and the members are joining quickly. One of our websites has just passed the 1000 member mark which represents about 3 members a day since it was built. Considering it only gets attention every couple of months this is a good result. Of course the purpose of my private sites is the free distribution of natural health information. We have no advertisers yet but that site will now be offered to a single advertiser who will pay $2000 for the first year for the advertising of 20 products. The membership will double without help or conservatively move to 5000 if we regularly attend to it with maybe one hour a week on the average. So lets do the math it comes to $40 per hour but the fee for the next year will be $5000 for a similar advertising package. And we will add a couple more advertisers. As the website ages we can get it to produce $25,000 a year in five years and do that every year with a few hours maintenance. That is all without chaining ourselves to Google Adsence. We are not against google at all but there are hundreds of thousands of websites connected selling the same stuff. Breaking in is quite hard now where we just need one good supplier prepared to do shipping for us to get solid income from a niche market.
This is where joint venture websites come in. We have a hundred sites running in the natural health niche which are ready to set up now. The advantage of joint venture is that the buyer does the week to week footwork and promotion while we supply and install the articles, pictures and other inclusions. We also provide up to 500 backlinks with quality content. This is the very hard part!! but we have been setting up sites for two years already.
Cost of investment can be as low as $500 in your share of a joint venture website. Interested?? contact us!!
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